Marek Gajowy PhD, MA

Tel: +48 502 319 661
Psychotherapy also in Polish and French.


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  • I work as a clinical psychologist, certified psychotherapist, coach.
  • I provide individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents as well as couple psychotherapy.
  • In clinical areas I specialize in helping persons who suffer from: acute crisis, conflicts or repeated problems in relationships, effects of traumas and lossess (also parinatal), obsesive compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.
  • My psychotherapeutical work is based on analitical approach. I am a candidate in Polish Psychoanalitical Association.
  • I received psychotherapeutical certifications from various professional organisations: Polish Psychological Association, European Association for Psychotherapy, Polish Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, New Experience for Survivors of Trauma.
  • My PhD research was focused on dynamics of dropping out from group psychotherapy.
  • I used to participate in work of Ethics Code Committees, among others in Polish Federation for Psychotherapy.
  • Since 1992 I have been taking part in trainings and placements in Poland and abroad (Canada, England, France, Italy) in various domains: Gestalt therpay, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural therapy, dance movement psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis these days.
  • Over more than 20 years I have gained experience in providing individual and group psychotherapy both within private practice and institution - among others in Clinic for Neurosis in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw.
  • I used to teach in Medical University and University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.
  • I am co-founder of complex training program and a teacher in Polish Institute for Dance Movement Psychotherapy.
  • At the present time I am at the private practice in GabineTY Center in Warsaw (Mokotow), doing clinical and research work under constant supervision.
  • I have been providing supervision since 2008.
  • My approach is integrative - I prefer psychodynamic mindset and I compose other approaches I have learned in order to respond to supervisee's needs. I used to be trained in  Gestalt, cognitive-behvioural therapy, dance movement psychotherapy and presently psychoanalysis.
  • I am certified supervisor in Polish Psychological Association  - I can provide recommendations and credentials for supervisees.
  • I am certified supervisor in the NEST method (New Experience for Survivors of Trauma)
  • I supervise therapeutical work with adult patiens - in form: individual, group as well as couple therapy.
  • I offer individual supervision.
  • I provide regular group supervision in the form of a once-a-month, 3-5 supervisees group in  the location of my private practice.
  • I supervise clinical teams at their place of work.
  • Since 2014 I have been taking part on regular basis in a peer-supervision group consisting of psychotherapists and supervisors from different schools of psychotherapy.
  • I am a co-founder of a four years long psychotherapeutical training in Polish Institute for Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

Chosen publications

  • - Paper "Przedwczesne przerywanie psychoterapii grupowej - sugestie jego ograniczania" in Polish journal Psychoterapia -> Read Abstract
  • - Paper "Post-abortion Survivor Syndrom : Signs and Symptoms" in American journal Journal of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health  -> Read Abstract
  • - Paper "The outcome of inpatient psychotherapy and the duration of previous psychotherapy treatment" in international scientific journal   -> Read Abstract
  • - Paper "Terapia grupowa dla osób doświadczających następstw przemocy, zaniedbania i strat ciąży" in Polish journal w polskim kwartalniku Psychiatria polska   -> Read Abstract

I am certified by following professional organisations: