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Step 1: What problems can I help you with?

For more than a dozen years I have been assisting persons suffering from:

  • relationship's problems (conflicts, losses, separation, divorce)
  • anxiety, panic attack, phobias, obsession and compulsion
  • low mood and depression
  • loss of control over emotions, anger management
  • distress at home or at work
  • disordered eating, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia
  • insomnia, disturbed sleep pattern
  • missuse and abuse of alcohol, internet, spending
  • neglect, abuse and traumatic situations
  • lack of self-esteem, lack of sense of life or purpose
  • life choices regarding identity, sexuality, parenting or career


I am aware that often Your problems could be difficult to define and express. Frequently You can have an overwhelming sense of anxiety, futillity, sadness or withdrawal and solitude. Or you can feel stock, empty or lost in life. Maybe You are confused about Yourself and cannot understand the way You feel.     

I will help You to understand Yourself better and move toward the change.

Step 2: Contact me

I will answer Your questions You may have about starting therapy with me. And we will arrange a consultation. I provide consultation and psychotherapy also in French.


Marek Gajowy PhD, MA

Clinical psychologist, registered and certified psychotherapist, supervisor, coach.

Tel: +48 502 319 661

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I am a members of professional associations and follow their Code of Ethics:

Step 3: Come for consultation

Come for indivudual or couple consultation. There are usually 2-3 separate consultations. The aim is to explore the wider context of Your issues in order to recommend the best form of assistance for You. A consultation lasts 50 minutes.


Step 4: Start psychotherapy

During the consultation process I will try to understand Your issues. Then hearing Your expectations we will explore the possible options for psychotherapy that would be adequate to Your needs and in line with my concluding recommendations. If You decide for psychotherapy there will be time for mutual agreement concernig frequency, timing, fee, confidentiality etc.

Individual Psychotherapy
Individual psychotherapy is conducted in the form of 50-minute sessions which take place 1-4 times per week.  Depending on Your needs it can be short-term or long-term therapy. I provide integrative psychitherapy which refers to analytical, cognitive behavioural therapy and movement psychotherapy - I adapt the most suitable approach adequatly to the nature of Your problems.

Schedule a consultation: Marek Gajowy

Couple Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy for marriages and couples who are in crisis or debilitating dificulties in their functioning. The couple is a patient, not an individual within a couple. It starts with consultation in order to explore how much is possible to find common ground for cooperation toward common goal. It takes place once a week.

Schedule a consultation: Marek Gajowy


We have been present in media as experts:


Feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation.

Marek Gajowy
Tel. +48 502 319 661, email:


GabineTy Psychoterapii i Diagnozy
ul. Baboszewska 1 / 75
Warszawa 02-647 (Mokotow)

Nearby Galeria Mokotow, Woloska and Woronicza street, metro Raclawicka and Wierzbno.

Bank account number:

ing BANK  65 1050 1025 1000 0092 6466 0300